TrustCommunity2 Playbook 🦁💙🐝

Hello and welcome to the second version of our TrustCommunity app 💙 – an app we’ve built together with DeversiFi for EthCC that offers a glimpse into the future of identity applications.

If you haven’t done so already, we recommend you read our recent blog post announcing it.

The main page for the app can be found at In this playbook we’ll cover how it works, what’s in it for you, as well as some important points on security.



While its main purpose is to help attendees build networks of trust around topics within the community, here are five more reasons you may want to use this app:

  1. To create lasting connections with other attendees

  2. To access EthCC’s official agenda

  3. To experience generating and sending a zero-knowledge proof

  4. To make some money

  5. To have fun 😊🎉🎉

How it works

Identity creation

You should receive both a bracelet and an invitation card in your EthCC goodie bag.

The first thing to do is to slip your bracelet on to signal to other attendees that you are taking part.

Next, you’ll need to scan the QR code on this card to activate your pseudonymous identity.

You can do this either by scanning it from a reader or camera (recommended option), or from within the app homepage.

To do it from within the app homepage:

1. Click on the Scan your invitation card button

2. Scan the QR code found on the back of your invitation card

3. Finally, you’ll need to name your identity and save it in local storage.


To connect with another attendee you’ll need to scan their identity QR code (note that this is not the same as their invitation card QR code):

1. If you’re not already there, click on the Connect menu option at the top of the screen.

2. Then click on Connect and Earn x NEC

3. Finally, click on the Scan button in the top left and scan your connection’s QR code.

Note that your connection’s invitation card will no longer be required at this stage – when an identity is created, a new identity QR code is generated and saved automatically within the app itself. This is the one you must use to connect.

To access your connection’s QR code, click on the My QR Code button at the top of your connection’s Connect screen.

Once you’ve scanned this, you’ll be officially connected 🎉 😊 🎉


Once you’re connected, you’ll be given the option to give each other badges.

You can either choose from a popular selection of badges, or create your own.

For each connection you make, you’ll receive two badges. These aren’t yours to keep…

You must immediately give at least one of the two badges to your new connection, but you can save the other for a past or future connection of your choice.

Note that while an initial list of badges will be included from the get-go, it will be curated in a decentralized way by attendees. Meaning that you’re free to create your own badge if you’re not happy with the ones shown to you.

You can think of badges as endorsements. To incentivize correct endorsements, you’ll earn more tokens for giving out badges that the rest of the community agrees with.

Importantly, the strength of a your endorsements for a specific topic will be weighted by the amount of badges you’ve already received for that topic.

In sum, the key point here is that your endorsement for a topic carries more weight if others have already endorsed you for that topic.


There are two ways to earn rewards: connections and endorsements.

You’ll receive a reward ($NEC tokens) for each new connection you make as well as for accurate endorsements.

Note that accuracy, in this context, depends on how many others agree with your endorsement. Put another way, the more others agree with your endorsement, the more accurate your endorsement is deemed to be, and the more tokens you stand to earn.

For example, if Alice gives Bob a zk-proof badge, Alice stands to earn more if Bob also receives zk-proof badges from other members of the community.


Time will be broken down into three stages (one for each day of the conference):

Badges given out during a specific stage, will be liquid for the duration of that stage. Meaning they can be removed or swapped out.

For example, if Alice gives Bob a badge for technical writing, but later realises Bob is a terrible writer, she can remove it, or swap it out for another badge (during that stage). Note however that users must keep at least one badge for each connection.

At midnight, the stage will end. Badges will then be added up, and participants’ scores updated.

Importantly, everything resets at the end of every stage.

Rankings and price movements

At the end of each stage, you’ll be able to see a ranking with the most popular badges and the most popular participants.

To prevent this system from being gamed, you won’t be given any badge specific information

However, you’ll be able to see stats concerning total badges as well as the number of badges you’ve received. These will be updated in real time.

On top of this, you’ll have access to a real-time social graph, showing how the most popular people across the most popular badges connect with each other (while preserving anonymity).

At the end of the conference you’ll have access to a more complete picture of your performance.


For the purposes of this app, the identity you create will be stored on local storage in your browser.

Because of this, it’s important you don’t use private browsing, or clear your history, at any point during EthCC.

The QR code on your invitation card will only be valid once. As a precautionary measure you'll be asked to save your identity to be able to restore it should you lose your browsing history.

Because of this, it’s important you don’t use private browsing, or clear your history, at any point during EthCC.

Should you accidentally do so, you’ll be able to reinstate your identity by visiting and clicking on recover identity.

Note that during the onboarding process, you’ll have been asked to save your identity. This the backup you need to re-import should you accidentally clear your history during EthCC You’ll also need this backup to send a zero-knowledge proof of your participation, and claim your reward.

At the end of EthCC, you’ll be asked to export it again (along with information about your connections).


If you have any general questions, or questions related to the rules of the game, please feel free to contact us on our twitter page.

For personal support questions, hit us up on our telegram account (@trust_comm).