TrustCommunity3 Playbook 🦁💙🐝

Hello and welcome to the third version of our TrustCommunity app! 💙

We’ve built this app with Hermez for EthCC to have fun, earn rewards and get the community members in touch with this L2 zkRollup network.

The main page for the app is

In this playbook, we’ll cover how it works, what’s in it for you, as well as some important details.


How it works

Wallet creation

You should receive an official EthCC email with a unique non-reusable URL to onboard in The steps to onboard are the following:

Also, you’ll have a bracelet in your EthCC goodie bag.

When you receive the bag, the first thing to do is to slip your bracelet on to signal to other attendees that you are taking part.

You are now ready to swap!!


To connect with other attendees, you’ll need to scan their TrustCommunity wallet QR code:

  1. Click on Connect and Earn x HEZ

  2. One person scans, and the other shows their QR code

  3. The person who scanned makes a token swap offer

  4. Then the other receives it and proposes the counterparty swap

  5. The first one accepts or rejects. If accepted, the swap is processed!

  6. The Hermez Network will process the transactions, and when settled in Ethereum, they will be confirmed in less than 5 minutes

The first connection with a new person includes a connection reward in the form of $HEZ.

You’ll receive these tokens in your app wallet as you connect and swap.


There are two ways to earn rewards: making new connections and hodling conference tokens.

Connection reward

You’ll receive a reward ($HEZ tokens) for each new connection, completed with the first swap with this new person.

You can trade tokens with the same person once every conference day, but you won’t receive additional rewards after the first one.

Token ranking reward

Token trades (for new connections) define the scores for each, which establishes a ranking of the relative value that the community gives to each of them.

TrustCommunity has assigned a set of $HEZ tokens to distribute between the hodlers for each ranking position. You can see it in the “Rankings” section of the app.

The rankings will be fully published at the end of the conference. To make things more interesting, during the conference the positions are partially hidden. You’ll need to guess which are the most valuable tokens by trading!

To receive this final reward, you will need to complete at least two connections with other attendees during the conference.

Token beacons

There are special TrustCommunity participants that, when connecting to them, you receive additional rewards:

You can look for them in the venue, with a badge of TrustCommunity.


If you have problems with the onboarding, the TrustCommunity team can provide on-site support.

You can also follow announcements and get support from the TrustCommunity twitter account and our Telegram group.

Happy swapping!!